Saturday, January 07, 2006

Who is Stephen Lovekin?

One of Michael Salla's favourite "whistleblowers" is a guy named Stephen Lovekin. Lovekin was one of Steven Greer's Disclosure witnesses, and will be appearing at Salla's June 2006 Extraterrestrial Civilization & World Peace Conference. Here is what Salla says about Lovekin:

"Brig. General Stephen Lovekin who testified in the Disclosure Project also had important things to share about the Eisenhower administration's loss of control over ET affairs."

So - is Stephen Lovekin an important whistleblower (i.e. a former Brigadier General who had the ear of President Eisenhower and claims to have heard about ET matters while in the White House), or is he just another Corso-esque phoney).

Kevin Randle has looked into this question, and concluded that Lovekin is just another Corso. After looking into Lovekin's military background, Kevin states:

"There is no corroboration of his many claims of military service as a high-ranking officer, no verification of his positions in the White House and little reason to believe he was witness to the things he claims. Like so many of the other whistle blowers, he should be removed from our lists."

If for some reason that I cannot fathom you are thinking of attending Salla's conference, you might want to check out Kevin's research on Lovekin.

It will be interesting to see what the response is from the exopolitics crowd, and whether they can provide solid support for Lovekin's claims, which have clearly been called into question.

Paul Kimball

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